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“I was charmed by the charismatic culture and the power of AI in EdTech”

An interview with Lingio's new Senior Account Executive, Fredrik Logård.

Moving to a new country is always challenging. There's the daunting task of locating a place to live, finding a job, making new friends, and, of course, trying to learn a new language. Even in today's technology-driven society, speaking the same language as those around you is still the foundation for creating meaningful connections. Our goal at Lingio is to make learning a new language straightforward so you can integrate seamlessly. To expand its growth and reach, Fredrik has joined the sales team. Read on to learn more about what inspired him to join Lingio. 

"When I realized I could play a part in growing something so meaningful, I was hooked,"
said Fredrik. 

What got your attention when you met us the first time?

It was the employees. Everyone at Lingio was so welcoming and inclusive. They had such passion and drive for their work. The dynamic was more like a collective instead of just coworkers. Clearly, the employees at Lingio valued their work and believed the product would actually help others. This was so fascinating and is what caught my eye. 

Why did you choose Lingio? 

I wanted to work somewhere where I could see the impact of my efforts. The team listened to my ideas from the beginning and valued my opinion. As a small sales team, I saw an opportunity to make a difference in the company's trajectory and be a part of a bigger mission. The ability to significantly impact the company's growth and scaling was just the cherry on top.

What do you look forward to in 2023?

I am excited to meet new people and share our unique platform with them. As our team grows and the platform helps more people in Sweden, I look forward to seeing our success. I can't wait to see where Lingio will be in five years.  

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