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“The combination of AI technology and a gamified approach to learning really caught me at ‘hello’”

An interview with Lingio's Senior Account Executive, Jesper Ygberg

What caught your attention when you met us the first time?

What first caught my interest was hearing about what made Lingio the company it is today. The journey that we’re on is so exciting. In my meetings with Lingio, I sensed a blend of curiosity mixed with honesty and kindness from the team. This way of exploring and engaging in genuine, forward-thinking conversations makes you feel like you're part of something bigger. Then there's what I now think of as the 'Lingio black box': the combination of AI technology and a gamified approach to learning, which really caught me at ‘hello’.


Why did you choose Lingio?

I was thrilled at the opportunity to be involved and contribute to the lives of people with language learning challenges. I wanted to help them find it easier and simpler to become a part of our society. 

Also, with the help of AI, we can ensure that companies have the opportunity to develop and strengthen their employee's skills in a smart and simple way. Combine these factors with the people who work at Lingio, and I just have to say ‘WOW’. I think it’s all incredible, and we have only seen the beginning. 


What do you look forward to in 2024?

I’m so curious about 2024. Our technology will definitely develop further and provide more opportunities for our customers. I also look forward to my meetings with customers and colleagues at Lingio and contributing to them in the best possible way.

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