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"I was inspired by Lingio's innovation and commitment to inclusivity"

An interview with Lingio's New Account Executive, Madi Abedi.

Moving to a new country can be overwhelming, from finding a job to learning the language. Understanding the people you meet in a new place is crucial to integrating yourself into a community. Lingio was designed to empower learners on their language journey and inspire them throughout their transition into Swedish society. Madi has recently joined the Lingio Sales Team; read on to learn more about how she plans to make an impact. 
Account Manager Madi says, "The compassion for each other and inclusivity was so special." 

Madi, what got your attention when you met us the first time?

I loved how their Global Head of Talent acquisition talked about the company. There was a genuine devotion in her voice to the company's mission. She had a passion for the inclusivity of others, which had brought her to Lingio. Having moved to a new country from the Congo of Africa, I understand the language challenges that come with this. The opportunity to help others overcome those barriers captivated me. 

Madi, why did you choose Lingio?

For me, it was what they work towards and how they want to contribute to society. The founder's purpose for the company goes beyond himself, and he is dedicated to helping others positively. Our conversation gave me a feeling that I would be joining something much bigger than just a job, but something that could change people's lives. 

Madi, what do you look forward to in 2023?

I am looking forward to being a part of the growth of Lingio. The expansion plans in more companies and other municipalities inspire me for what is to come. As a small team, I am excited to see how my efforts propel Lingio's mission forward. 

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