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“I felt very inspired to join Lingio as it is a purpose-driven tech company on such an exciting growth journey.”

An interview with Lingio's Junior Sales Analytics Coordinator, Matilda Strömberg

What caught your attention when you met us the first time?

During the recruiting process, I immediately felt that Lingio was built upon great values and people. The company's mission was central from the start for everyone I talked to. I also thought that the products were exciting. Even the technology was built with inclusiveness in mind and could really contribute to society and Lingio's mission. 


Why did you choose Lingio?

Personally, two things made me choose Lingio. The first was the possibility to develop and grow within the company as well as contribute to society. And as I am studying for a masters degree in Industrial Engineering and Management, I felt very inspired to join Lingio as it is a purpose-driven technology company on such an exciting growth journey. 


What do you look forward to in 2024?

In 2024, I am really looking forward to seeing what paths the AI Course Creator will take us on. I believe the Course Creator has much potential in extending our contribution to society, as it can be tailored to each organisation and its market. 

Personally, I am interested in digitalisation and the risks connected to it. Therefore, I hope that the Course Creator will be able to work with digital inclusion as well as strengthen the knowledge about security risks related to digitalisation so that people and organisations can benefit from digitalisation.

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